Meet Coach Harriet

I work with women who are emotionally and physically stuck on their wellness journey. I help them break the barriers that limit them to take back control of their lives.

Certified Life Coach-Health Coach Institute Certified Health Coach-Health Coach Institute TCM Transformational / Mastery Level TCM Transformational Coach-Health Coach Institute
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Nutritious Life Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
TRX Instructor Group fitness Instructor Kickboxing Fitness Strength and Conditioning Instructor
BA, Elementary Education -Adelphi University

My Story:

I have not always stood proud, wore a size small, smiled more than I cried or felt comfortable enough to put myself out there and not care about ridicule and negative comments. A few years ago, I hated everything about who I was. I hated being over 200 pounds. I hated not being able to feel strong and confident enough to walk away from the life that was killing me. I felt hopeless and lost. What I saw was a bleak future for myself and my daughters. I felt it would never change. I felt I was not good enough and lacked faith that I could ever live the life that I wanted. I felt a void in the pit of my heart, and my head was filled with thoughts of not being good enough. It wasn’t just my negative self-talk that left me feeling this way, it was the words that were said to me. I heard them every day from my ex, and his actions reinforced it. Who did I think I was to dare dream of a happy future … one in which I controlled my destiny?​

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Sadly, I was at the point of giving up, as I did many other times before. I did not fit in this world. I did not belong. I could no longer feel the sunshine on my face or hear the birds chirping.

Not wanting to feel that way anymore, I woke up and made the conscious decision to do something about my life — to take it back. I could not check out because I had two beautiful daughters to live for. So I had to live. They were and still are my anchor to this earth. I decided to start changing what was in my control: my weight and my eating habits.

I had lost weight many times in my life. Weight loss was not my problem here. There was more to my weight gain than the foods I ate. I did not know that at the time. ​I always knew what to eat to be healthy. I decided to pull meat out of my diet and go vegetarian.​

I went from changing my food habits to adding exercise to my routine. I searched out an accountability partner to help me stick to my routine. I bought clothes that were a few sizes smaller to give me the hope of one day looking dynamic in them. I did a mental rehearsal of what I would look like when I fit into the dresses … how I would walk. I felt myself in the body of a size small, the size of the dress I bought even though the salesperson tried to get me to go for at least a medium. I told her that I was purchasing my goal dress because I intended to lose weight. She saw my size and judged my mental capacity for going after what I wanted.​

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Finally!  As my eating got cleaner and my body started to change, I started to see the real me under the fog of bad eating and extra weight. I began to recognize that I was capable of setting goals and successfully completing them. As I continued to set small, manageable goals and crush them, I started to believe in myself a lot more and started to feel more confident. I realized that I could choose my own path, that I was in control of the direction my life's flow. I started to test my theory and made more decisions for my life, not letting fear take control. I took more leaps of faith and set up boundaries to show that I love myself and to show others how I want to be treated. I grew. I learned, and I developed into the person you see today.

I became a Wellness Empowerment Coach because I want to help individuals like myself who get lost in the fog and feel like there is no road map to a positive future. I want my tribe to understand that they do not have to settle for the crap that life throws at them, that they do not have to believe the untruths and negativity hurled their way.

I am here to help you see your ray of hope,  even if you cannot see it right away, I will hold a  space of hope and belief in your potential  until you are ready to  step into your own power. 

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Journal your way to self discovery guided by the realizations of Coach Harriet as she discovered her own strengths during her rebirth.

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