Meet Coach Harriet

I work with women who are emotionally and physically stuck on their wellness journey. I help them break the barriers that limit them to take back control of their lives.

200 YTT (Yoga training) Jiva Yoga Academy-Rishikesh, India
Sound Healing Therapy Mayaa Academy-Rishiskesh, India
Reiki Level I -Reshikesh, India
Certified Life Coach-Health Coach Institute Certified Health Coach-Health Coach Institute TCM Transformational / Mastery Level TCM Transformational Coach-Health Coach Institute
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Cerfified Nutrition Coach
Nutritious Life Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
TRX Instructor Group fitness Instructor Kickboxing Fitness Strength and Conditioning Instructor
BA, Elementary Education -Adelphi University

My Story:

I haven't always felt confident or comfortable in my own skin. I used to be unhappy with my appearance, tipping the scales at over 200 pounds. I longed to feel strong and self-assured, but it seemed out of reach. The life I was leading was suffocating me, and I couldn't envision a better future for myself and my daughters. Doubt consumed me, and I believed I wasn't worthy or capable of living the life I truly desired. My heart felt empty, and negative thoughts echoed in my mind, reinforced by hurtful words from my ex-partner. I questioned my right to dream of a joyful future where I controlled my own destiny.

Becoming an Integrated Wellness Coach has been the most rewarding experience  for me because I want to assist individuals who, like myself, have felt lost in the fog, believing there's no roadmap to a positive future.
I want to motivate my community to realize that they don't have to embrace the negativity and obstacles that life brings their way.
I'm here to help you discover your own ray of hope, even if you can't see it right away.
I will hold a space of hope and belief in your potential until you're ready to step into your own power.
Take action now and join me on your transformative journey towards achieving your desired goals.

I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether it's losing weight, increasing your exercise, clearing mental fog, or empowering yourself. I will be there to support you through it all.